The Missouri Clean Energy District Brings Access to Capital for Energy Projects


Residential energy improvements funded through HERO PACE


Commercial energy improvements funded through Greenworks PACE


Nonprofit energy improvement projects are possible through MCED funding programs.


Developer’s projects funded through low cost conduit PACE

Public Body

Municipal energy projects funded with non-referendum financing


Agricultural energy projects have access to a variety of funding sources and programs through MCED’s issuing authority.

With MCED, Energy Project Funding Has Never Been So Easy.

Missouri Clean Energy District Increases Value of the Built Environment

Long term, fixed-rate financing;  matching project needs with the proper capital source.

Missouri’s first and largest PACE District provides the lowest cost financing to property owners and developers. Property owners may finance 100% of project costs for up to 20 years. This eliminates the need for upfront capital. And by eliminating interest rate resets, a project remains cash positive for the life of the financing.


Property Assessed Clean Energy financing provides unlimited funding for energy projects through open-market financing. Eligibility includes energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. 

Eligible Property

PACE financing is authorized for all property types. Energy improvement is the mission of the district and we make every effort to fund all qualifying projects.

Special Financing Tools

In addition to PACE, MCED has established a variety of financing programs. We do not adhere to a one-size-fits-all attitude. Our goal is to meet funding needs with a wide selection of financing types and structures.

Municipal Members

Cities and counties access unlimited capital sourcing for their constituents through the District’s energy programs.

There is no cost, liability or administrative burden to member communities.

Membership expands the impact of energy project funding, creating improved housing and the built environment, while increasing economic activity and jobs.

Key Features of Energy Funding Benefits

Important Energy Upgrades

Improvements may be made without delay.

Fully Funded

Upfront costs are covered with no out of pocket requirments.

Attaches to Property

PACE is an obligation of the property not the owner. The improvements and obligation transfer with ownership.


Flexible Financing

The authority offers a variety of finance programs for energy projects. Direct funding as well as low cost conduit issuance for developers and owners reps are available.

Capital Stacking

PACE can help move projects forward by carving out funding of energy components.

Cash Flow Positive

Fixed rates eleminate interest rate risk from resets. The project remains cash positive for the life of the financing.

Get Started Financing Your Residential or Commercial Energy Project

Properties Improved

Jobs Created

Member Communities

Capital Invested

Property Assessed Clean Energy

Use the MCED PACE program that fits your energy project financing needs:


Residential PACE

Renovate America’s HERO Program


Commercial PACE

Greenworks’ Commercial Program


Developer's Conduit Program

MCED’s Low Cost Financing for Commercial Projects

Our Part of the World

We work to address common barriers to an energy efficient future for everyone. Access to capital that drives energy improvement is a critical step. Now our part of the world has the tools to help us all – Do Our Part!

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