Kansas City wants to be a trail blazer when it comes to the green economy in the state of Missouri. That’s why we were one of the first to jump onto the PACE program. The opportunity for jobs and new businesses to form really grow exponentially. We are really excited that Renovate America and the HERO program is a part of our Missouri Clean Energy District. Its a great opportunity and we are really glad to be a part of it.

Scott Wagner

Mayor, Pro Tem, Kansas City Missouri

This will give property owners the ability to lower their costs and bring their houses up to the 21st century. It is a great tool. And I think our contractors will looking forward to embracing this.

Jeff Aboussie

Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Building and Construction Trades Council of St. Louis

The reason people often give for not doing energy efficiency is that they lack the financing up front. So what PACE does is provide that financing for homeowners to make that investment and get the savings over the life of the measures. What’s built into these programs is reliability and consumer protections. And we hope it will become the standard way for people to finance energy efficiency in their homes.

Ashok Gupta

Board Member, NRDC

The communities in Missouri will have to join the District in order to use the HERO program. We need the communities involved. Without that they will miss out on these opportunities the communities have to both create jobs and help homeowners save money.

Shomari Benton

Board Member, Missouri Clean Energy District

“This will bring some of that cost down and be more efficient and put some green back in the community.”

The Scottish Rite of Kansas City, a local Masonic organization, looked to the heavens for a little help from above. While the assistance didn’t come from God, it will come from the sun.

“We are going to light up these solar panels and help put some electricity back in our building,” said Kenney.

llustrious Brother Ben Kenney

Personal Rep , Scottish Rite, Kansas City Missouri

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