Advocacy Policy

In order to work toward making systematic change necessary to achieving our mission, the Missouri Clean Energy District engages in advocacy activity, or active support for a cause, idea, or policy.  It is the policy of the MCED to advocate on public policy issues that support the mission of the organization which is to grow, strengthen and diversify the economy of Missouri through access to capital markets.

Criteria for Public Policy Positions

MCED may take positions on public policy issues that fulfill three basic criteria:

  •  The issues affect MCED’s ability to work toward its mission
  • The issues affects MCED’s partners or clients
  •  The issues affects MCED’s status or its operations


Process for Determining Positions

 Advocacy positions on specific issues will be determined on a case-by-case basis by consensus of the Board of Directors.

 Participation in Coalitions

In MCED’s work with coalitions and associations, MCED may take part in the advocacy work of a group provided the work is not in conflict with MCED’s mission.


Partners, investors, borrowers and  members of MCED represent a broad cross-section of the political spectrum.  MCED does not support one candidate over another candidate; and does not support any political parties.  MCED works with all political parties in legislative efforts.  If it asks one candidate for office to speak at events or conferences, an invitation is extended to any opposing candidates as well.


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