Managing relationships is a critical part of doing business for any organization, whether it’s a commercial enterprise or a political subdivision like MCED. But while customer relationships are the primary concern for companies, the networking web is large and diverse for MCED.

First, there’s the population the district serves. Then there are the investors that fund the programs. Additional funding sources, such as grantors, government programs or agencies and other partners also play key roles, as do the volunteers whose footwork helps carry out the organization’s mission. Clearly, constituents are the lifeblood of the organization.

For example, consider the district’s PACE program. Some MCED constituent groups provide policy guidance, others seek funding, investors provide capital, contractors offer energy services and member communities authorize access to it all through official action.

Due to this complexity, reliable, thorough and easy-to-access information about an organization’s relationship with each constituent allows MCED to be more concerned about growing and strengthening connections — and regularly taking advantage of them for guidance, mobilization, awareness and other support.

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