The District welcomes energy contractors to the PACE program. We understand the important role of contractors and vendors in the completion of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Residential contractors will be provided unmatched support through the HERO program platform which is designed increase project success.

Commercial contractors and Developers receive special attention either through our commercial administrator Greenworks Lending or by the district administrator for large financing needs or our low cost conduit issuance program.

Residential contractors must be registered with the program.  Please REGISTER by providing evidence of all applicable state and city or county licensing requirements, including insurance and/or bonding.  You must agree to all terms and conditions of the Program.  Contractors will officially be “registered” when approved by the Program Administrator.

The HERO Program Administrator will provide detailed information about the program, qualifications and contractor training.

The Missouri Clean Energy District Program Administrator is available to answer any questions about the public private partnership and to assist in making the process as easy as possible.


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