Scottish Rite Temple KCMO

“A building like this will run you $5,000 a month just in utilities,” said Ben Kenney with the Scottish Rite. “This will bring some of that cost down and be more efficient and put some green back in the community.”

The Scottish Rite of Kansas City, a local Masonic organization, looked to the heavens for a little help from above. While the assistance didn’t come from God, it will come from the sun.

“We are going to light up these solar panels and help put some electricity back in our building,” said Kenney.

Commercial Partner: Greenworks Lending

The District partnership with Greenworks developed through coordination with Renovate America. Initially Renovate, which currently focuses entirely on successfully administering the district’s residential PACE program, managed a few of our commercial transactions. Currently, Greenworks has taken over responsibility for the commercial program. With this division of socialized efforts, the district, and ultimately the property owners, benefit from the efforts of each program administrator.

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