Public Facilities

The Missouri Clean Energy District is a political subdivision of the State of Missouri created for the purpose of issuing tax-exempt and taxable conduit bonds for public and private entities statewide. MCED partners with local governments to assist in the financing of public benefit projects that create temporary and permanent jobs, community infrastructure and improve the overall quality of life in local communities.

GovernmentPublic facilities may benefit from energy project financing through the District. In addition to the District’s offerings designed to finance energy improvements on private property, local governments will find it advantageous to borrow from MCED as well.

MCED provides non-referendum financing to meet the specialized, tax-exempt financing needs political subdivisions face when making capital infrastructure improvements or energy project investments. The financing is delivered most often through a lease-purchase agreement and the amount borrowed is unlimited as it is with other programs.

Contact us today to learn how we can help with your financing needs. For public facilities financing details please contact the District Administrator.


Public Facilities & Infrastructure Improvements:  Local Governments benefit from energy project financing for Public Facilities through the District.

How members benefit with MCED:

  • Designed to obtain more cost-effective financing than generally available, by leveraging MCED’s financial expertise in energy project financing and its relationship with the capital markets.
  • Borrowers save time and money as they are not required to hire and pay underwriters, financial advisers, bond counsel, or trustees


Benefits of MCED Financing:

  • Competitive, tax-exempt rates
  • Fixed or floating rate financing
  • Flexible payment terms – customized payments
  • Precise, quantifiable cost of borrowing
  • Fully-amortized debt schedules
  • Funds available within weeks
  • User-friendly application & approval process
  • Public debt referendum not required
  • Maintain cash reserves
  • Retain the benefits of ownership
  • Spread property costs over the useful life of equipment


What Can Be Financed?

Any municipal, tax-exempt, capital project or equipment can be financed, such as:

  • Energy Improvements
  • Electric System Improvements
  • Gas Facilities
  • Wastewater Improvements
  • Water Towers
  • Public Buildings
  • Civic & Senior Centers
  • Law Enforcement/Emergency Facilities
  • Equipment
  • Renovation Projects
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Underground Facilities


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